Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kehidupan sebagai student Nurse

Assalamualaikum readers...
Holla .. ^^

ini kisah myra as a student nurse degree. myra skunk dah 4th year. pelbagai dugaan dan cabaran yang telah myra hadapi untuk mematangkan diri ini... 
even course 'nurse' x de lah semegah course "MBBS" but this course very challenging in aspect of physically n mentally...

tambah2 kalau ambek degree freshie dari matrik/stpm..
no experience.. 
when practical, the expectation is very high toward us because of degree..
actually we same as a normal human,
we started to learn from basic thing .. only add 1 more year for research project..
and for degree , we started to learn more theory and have the rationale for any action in nursing care..

nurse is not my ambition but is listed in my UPU registration...
i accept it because my mom's wish...
and i know its FATE from Allah SWT...

we as human, can make plan but Allah are the best planner for us..

many feeling i already experienced it

lagi setaun jer lagi nak habis belanja...
doakan myra, semoga Allah permudahkan rezeki cepat dapat kerja..^^